Faith Christian School prides itself on offering a program with Biblical perspective and academic rigor. In fact, our students consistently score above average in all areas on national achievement tests.  The curriculum at Faith Christian School utilizes a model Classical teaching which integrates the principles of the Bible into every subject area.

Through the Classical methodology, which serves to train children in mind, body and spirit; teachers strive to educate students using three stages: grammar, logic and rhetoric.  In the grammar stage, students are taught the fundamental rules of each subject (who, what, where, and when).  This utilizes the younger students’ love for memorization, recitation, and organization.  Middle School students are stretched to consider the ordered relationship (how and why) of the particulars of a subject.  They also learn a logical form of thinking that equip them to think, reason and decide for themselves what is truth verses fallacy.  The High School students are trained to use the grammar and logic of any subject; clearly and persuasively expressing themselves through structured training in rhetoric.

  • The foundations of reading are grounded in phonics.
  • Math concepts are reinforced with practice and drill.
  • Science unifying concepts are discovered through Classical teaching techniques and hands on activities.
  • Language Arts applies and uses the rules of the English language to master grammar and composition.
  • Novel Studies broaden the students' thinking and teach the application of strategies to comprehend. A good novel increases knowledge of the unknown and allows for learning different ways to understand ideas and different viewpoints.  Novels that coincide with history allow students a unique perspective of historical events.
  • Biblical understanding is achieved by learning  God's Word through chronological and expositional study.

Educational field trips, computer supplementation, chapel, Latin, art, P.E., and music serve to enrich a student's learning experience.  Exposure to local and international missions adds a unique and valuable dimension to the curriculum.

For those who prefer to Home-school, Faith Christian School is pleased to be an Umbrella School. Call the school office at 850-229-6707 for more information.